About the Journey

I was traveling in a car looking behind at the road I had passed through a moment before. A known person was walking slowly down the side of the road. His figure was gradually getting smaller and smaller. Then as the car took a turn he was no more visible. We are all traveling into future. The present moment melting into the past. The past is fading away…fast. We can enjoy it, we can be oblivious about it or we can mourn it but in no way can we stop this time travel.

Who are we? What is the objective of this life? Are we transmigrating soul, a beautiful creation of of the Almighty, experiencing life after life of wisdom and love seeking salvation? Or are we a collection of chemical compounds producing electrical signals that will cease to be in a little while? Our endeavor and search for the answers to all such questions are lost in the daily parade of life.

Life is after all a journey from the past into future. Enjoy life, enjoy the journey, help the one in destitute, and seek knowledge as knowledge agglomerate into the philosophy of life. Enjoy reading and share with me all the travelling experiences you had with your fellow travelers. You can reach out to me at my e-mail sandipbosu@gmail.com.


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